How to Make Silverware Jewelry?


Making silverware jewelry sounds amazingly interesting. Before starting, make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Depending on what material the silverware is made of, could give off fumes that could be dangerous when heated. A stainless steel fork can make a beautiful piece of jewelry, by molding it into interesting shapes. To continue on with more information on how to make silverware jewelry, click on the link below.
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1. If there is any doubt whether or not the flatware you are using for this project is 100 percent steel or an alloy, heating it could produce dangerous volatile gases that can cause
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You need to anneal the spoons first. So you heat them up until they are cherry red and then allow to air cool. This will normalise the tension of the metals molecules after which
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How to Make Silverware Jewelry
Silverware jewelry making is a respected craft that allows you to recycle old flatware into wearable art. Most household flatware is stainless steel, but these directions will work for sterling silver and silver plated stainless steel as well. Because... More »
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Silverware jewelry is quite an art and can be made in the comfort of your own home. It is as simple as bending a spoon which can be made into a bracelet.
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