How do you make skeleton models?


You will need a printed template of a skeleton and a pack of Q-tips to make a skeleton model that is easy for children. Glue the Q-tips on the printed template, using the tips as joints and the stems as bones.
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1. Review the diagram of the chosen animal's skeleton. Mold bones from the white clay. If specific bones need to be highlighted as part of a project, use a different color of clay
you would first probably need an actual skeleton to create a full mold of the skeleton you wish to model. You would then have to select the material you want the model to be made
Knowing how to make a modeling portfolio will help you present your image properly when you apply for a job. A portfolio is one of the most important tools a model can use. A catalog
1. Place two pieces of wood measuring 2 by 4 by 8 onto a flat surface, end to end. Arrange the pieces of wood so that the 4-inch sides lie flat. 2. Tape the pieces together on the
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How to Make a Skeleton Model
Making a model skeleton requires some knowledge of anatomy. Determine what animal skeleton will be made. Animals with four legs will be easier to display, as they will not require additional support. Choose an animal large enough to be easily made. A... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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