How to Make Slime without Borax or Liquid Starch?


You can make slime without using Borax or liquid starch. You will need step-by-step instructions that include a list of materials that you can use in place of both, such as a product called Persil.
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1. Warm the water in the saucepan. Do not bring the water to a boil-it needs to be warm, but not scalding hot. The purpose of heating the water is to keep the cornstarch from clumping
You need: glue. laundry detergent (liquid) bowl (or something to mix in) spoon (or something to mix with) food coloring (optional) Here's what you do: Put some glue into your bowl
there is one you can make with white glue. but you need a base. like powdered laundry soap. you could try flour but don't know how well this will work. i think you mix liquid dish
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How to Make Slime Without Borax or Liquid Starch
Making homemade slime can be a fun rainy-day activity for kids. There are number of recipes for this gooey substance, and many of them call for borax or liquid starch. Although these ingredients are not overly dangerous, they can be harsh and can cause... More »
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