How to Make Someone Mad?


To make someone mad all you have to do is to irritate them or do something they do not like. If you know something annoys them and you do it they will get mad.
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A good way to make someone mad is to insult their appearance. Insulting their significant other or their mother is also a good way to make someone mad.
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1 Annoy them. Nothing makes someone more mad than a good teasing. for example, your friend is very serious. Go up to him and say "Hey!" or constantly poke them. Yeah, This
1. Talk to your friends to find out if this person is really mad at you. You could be blowing things out of proportion or assuming someone is mad at you. Make sure you find out the
here are some stupid reasons: If that someone stole your beer, and if that someone told you that you're fat.
You should be mad at anyone who does any of the following things to you: lies,
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