How to Make Sopressata?


To make Sopressata, first make a powder by combining salt, peppers, and coriander. The meat should be chopped into small cubes. Wash the casings with the help of vinegar. The salami should be made round and stored in a warm place.
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Sopressata is an Italian dry-cured salami.
Sopressata is an Italian dry-cured salami, typical of Basilicata and Apulia. Keep ChaChaing!
1. Combine the peppers, salt, coriander and fennel and grind or pound to a fine powder. Set aside. 2. Coarsely chop the meats into rough 1-inch cubes, then put them through the coarse
Larry asked, much too long ago, if I had a recipe for sopressata. Like many other Italian words, sopressata's meaning varies considerably from place to place. In much of the Peninsula
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