How to Make Spoon Bracelets?


To make spoon bracelets you will need a clamp press, a hack saw, and a file. You will also need sandpaper, a metal bender, and silver polish. Using an old rag, wrap the handle of the spoon. Place the handle into the clamp press. Using a hack saw, saw of the spoon end, and file to make smooth. Using the sandpaper, polish the edge that was filed. Bend the spoon over a pipe until it fits your wrists. Decorate to your liking.
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1. Wrap the handle of the spoon in an old rag. Wedge the wrapped handle into a clamp press and tighten so the spoon is held firmly in place. Wrapping the handle will prevent clamp
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go to ur nearest smiths thos ewill help you mould ur spoons in to bracelets.. Imran
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