How do you make spoon bracelets?


To make spoon bracelets you will need a clamp press, a hack saw, and a file. You will also need sandpaper, a metal bender, and silver polish. Using an old rag, wrap the handle of the spoon. Place the handle into the clamp press. Using a hack saw, saw of the spoon end, and file to make smooth. Using the sandpaper, polish the edge that was filed. Bend the spoon over a pipe until it fits your wrists. Decorate to your liking.
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1. Snip the bowl from your spoon with a pair of bullnose cutters. Position the cutters right below the decoration on the spoon handle, if any. If your spoon is plain, cut the handle
1. Cut the nylon thread to the length of your wrist diameter plus an inch. If you are making a bracelet for someone else or just want a general size, measure 6.5 inches for a petite
1. Cut or pull a piece of polymer clay to form a charm that is sized appropriately for your bracelet. You will likely need a piece the size of a nickel or quarter, with the thickness
1. Pour enough resin hardener into your plastic container to fill about ½ of your mold. If your mold holds 6 ounces of resin, use 3 ounces of hardener. Add an equal amount
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