How to Make Spoon Jewelry?


Making spoon jewelry is trendy and chic. You can either melt the spoon and mould it into something else. You can also try to loosen it up with fire, then mold it to a shape of a bracelet or a necklace.
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1. Wrap a rubber band around the spoon just below the spoon bucket. Place the spoon in the vise, closing the vise around the rubber band. This will protect the spoon from being scratched
If you want to learn how to make resin jewelry, it's not only a great way to create unique and fun gifts for family and friends, it's also a rewarding hobby. Jewelry making isn't
1. Find a tree branch that is smooth and has many sturdy twigs coming off of it. Trim any weak twigs and smooth any rough areas. If you would like to paint the branch, coat it thoroughly
1. Slide pearls, bicones or crystals onto a headpin one at a time and trim using the jeweler's wire cutters until there is 1 cm of exposed wire sticking up from the headpin. Take
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How to Make Jewelry Out of a Spoon
Making jewelry out of spoons is a unique craft and a good way to recycle spoons that are no longer part of a set. Spoons can be used to make rings, bracelets earrings and pendants. Jewelry can be made with any metal spoons, but sterling silver and... More »
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