Making Stage Props?


Stage props are materials put on stage for entertainment. First create a list of things needed by the production team, make the props lighter in colour to make them visible to the audience. Use paint, paper mache, plastic gems to make the items. Items such as wood cut outs, fabric, holiday decorations and anything else that would be the fabric together.
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1. Create a list of the things the production absolutely needs, and concentrate on making those things. Make a secondary list of items that would be nice to have, but aren't crucial
To make props for a play you can use whatever it takes to make it look real. The chepest thing to use for large stand up items is a dry pressed wood, you get it it at the lumber store
Stage props -- or more specifically, properties -- are the items that actors handle or interact with onstage. A director may choose to use many, few or no props at all. The choice
1. Know what you're making. If you doing a movie then you have to write a list of what you have to make. If your not write a list of the things you want to make (don't write a 2,000
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How to Make Stage Props
Stage props vary widely by the type of performance. Stage props should look as much like real items as possible, but there are a few considerations of the stage that mean a few differences are necessary. Stage props should be slightly larger than the... More »
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