How to Make Straight Hair Curly without a Perm?


One can make their straight hair curly without a perm by using curlers on their hair. One can also make straight hair curly by using a curling iron. When using a curling iron, one should make sure that their hair is dry and not to leave their hair on the iron too long.
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Hot rollers or sponge rollers are a great way to make straight hair...
1. Though flat irons are traditionally used to straighten hair, they can also create waves and curls. Plug in and turn on your flat iron, setting the heat according to the package
1 Take your old t-shirt and cut it up into about 6 by 1 inch strips. Ad 2 Separate your hair and use a hair tie. 3 Take the strips and about a one inch wide of hair and roll under
okay.. I have wavy hair too! So maybe i can help. Heres what i do when i want the curl style.. when u get of of the shower just towel dry ur hair but make sure its still a little
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You can make your hair curly temporarily without a perm by using a curling iron. You will start at the under hairs and work to the top of your head. Use hairspray.
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