How to Make Straight Hair Curly without a Perm?


One can make their straight hair curly without a perm by using curlers on their hair. One can also make straight hair curly by using a curling iron. When using a curling iron, one should make sure that their hair is dry and not to leave their hair on the iron too long.
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1. Cut strips of fabric in 3- to 4-inch strips that are 2 inches wide. 2. Section hair in three sections across the top, two sections on the sides and three sections down the back
i have had that problem for a very long time but i started to use. pantene. curly to straight shampoo and it really worked well.
thermal straightening, sometimes called the japanese straightening technique. its done at salons, kind of expensive though, but it keeps your hair straight until curly roots grow
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You can make your hair curly temporarily without a perm by using a curling iron. You will start at the under hairs and work to the top of your head. Use hairspray.
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