How to Make Straight Hair Curly without a Perm?


One can make their straight hair curly without a perm by using curlers on their hair. One can also make straight hair curly by using a curling iron. When using a curling iron, one should make sure that their hair is dry and not to leave their hair on the iron too long.
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Rag Ties. 1. Cut strips of fabric in 3- to 4-inch strips that are 2 inches wide. 2. Section hair in three sections across the top, two sections on the sides and three sections down
You will need:chopsticks -water. 1. put water on all your of your hair (use both shampoo and conditioner) 2. wrap damp hair around the chopsticks and use a rubberband, clip, or something
thermal straightening, sometimes called the japanese straightening technique. its done at salons, kind of expensive though, but it keeps your hair straight until curly roots grow
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You can make your hair curly temporarily without a perm by using a curling iron. You will start at the under hairs and work to the top of your head. Use hairspray.
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