How to Make Suspenders?


You can make your own custome suspenders at home. To make them you will need a measuring tape, elastic, fabric, suspender clips and a sewing machine. Check out this site for complete directions for making suspenders.
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How to Make Your Own Suspenders
Suspenders are a pair of straps that go over the shoulders and are fastened to the waistband of pants. They were a men's wardrobe staple for years and were considered both practical and fashionable because they hold your pants up without the need of a... More »
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Suspenders are essentially long pieces of elastic bands that are secured to trousers over the shoulders. The two straps are crossed in the back at the mid-point. Most use adjustable clips in the back and buttons in the front for security.
To make suspenders, you will need elastic strips of material that are long enough to fit from the front to the back and then a small strip that can attach the longer strips. You will need to sew the smaller strip onto the longer strips. You will need to get clasps and attach them to each one of the ends of the strips. You can decide on whatever color you want for the suspenders.
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To put on suspenders you will need to snap the connectors onto the waist of the pants you are wearing. Put the suspender straps over your shoulders to hold up your pants.
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