How to Make Synthetic THC?


THC is a chemical found in the illegal substance, marijuana. The effects of THC are felt immediately upon entering the bloodstream, and will generally last anywhere from one to three hours.
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There are a couple different kinds on the market. however, a pretty common one is called Marinol.
Check out this link below for more info.
Marinol is actually synthetic thc. As in, the molecular structure is the same as thc. K2, spice, the synthetic chemicals used in them, and others dont even come close to resembling
Not Medical Advice: Synthetic THC does not show up on a drug test because it is not yet illegal. Once declared illegal, specific tests will be designed for it.
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The synthetic cannabinoid that was detected in Pep Pourri herbal incense is the compound, JWH-018. The compound is four to five times more potent that THC. ...
Mr. Nice Guy herbal incense is a controlled substance. It contains synthetic ingredients similar to THC, a substance found in Marijuana. You can get arrested by ...
Marinol is a synthetic drug that is derived from cannabis. It doesn't contain any THC, though and thus it will not show up in a drug test. Conflicting reports ...
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