How do you make tattoo ink at home?


The key to producing your own tattoo ink at home is maintaining an aseptic workspace and keeping the ink mixture free of any bacteria and contaminants, from start to finish. The materials required to make your own ink are vodka, glycerine, propylene glycol, pigment, a baster and a blender. You will also need ink bottles to store your finished ink.

Sterile conditions and materials are of the utmost importance when mixing your own ink. The chemistry writers at advise that professional training in aseptic techniques is of vital importance if you desire usable ink that won't cause infections. With this caveat in mind, the process is relatively simple. Wearing a clean mask and gloves, mix 7/8 quart of vodka, 1 tablespoon glycerine and 1 tablespoon propylene glycol until they form a clear liquid. In a sterilized blender, mix roughly 1 inch to 2 inches of pigment with the liquid. This mixture should combine into a semiliquid, or slurry.

Blend the slurry on a low speed for 15 minutes, then blend again on a high speed for an hour. Use the baster, so long as it is sterile, to transfer the blended mixture into aseptic ink storage containers. explains that ultraviolet light and sunlight will alter the character of certain pigments, so store the bottles away from both. Keep tabs on the ratios used to establish consistent batches.

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How to Make Tattoo Ink at Home
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