How to Make Tattoo Machine?


You can make a homemade tattoo machine or gun with simple materials starting with a small battery powered motor taken from a Walkman or a hand held fan. Then you'll need a few other things like a toothbrush, guitar string and the barrel from an ink pen.
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How to Build a Tattoo Machine
For millennia, cultures around the world have tattooed images and symbols onto their bodies. Anthropologists have long believed that ancient societies used tattoos to communicate tribal status and affiliation, personal or familial history, or as... More »
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The main purpose of making a homemade tattoo gun should be for practice only. The cheapest and easiest idea I had seen was to use a power toothbrush and guitar stings. The suggestion
1. Put on the latex gloves before you set up the tattoo machine. If you are working daily around tattoo machines, you should always be wearing latex gloves to ensure bacteria isn't
To make a tattoo machine you will need: 1 Bic Pen, 1 Toothbrush, 1 Eraser (from a pencil), 4 - 5' Piece of Guitar String Small Battery Operated Motor (from walkman, remote control
The modern tattoo machine has taken many forms as of late. As science finds more funding from the privet sector and better communication between artists has brought technical information
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In order to make a tattoo machine, you should have some kind of motor. However, you should use a homemade tattoo machine, since it can be very dangerous and it ...
1. Insert the plastic bobbin onto the rod of the coil winding machine. Secure a small section of wire to the bobbin (known as the starting wire) by wrapping the ...
You only need a few materials found around the house to make a tattoo machine. Some of these materials include an old Walkman motor, a BIC pen, a guitar string ...
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