How to Make Telescopes?


You can make a simple telescope by using the following items: cardboard tubes, glue guns, telescope lenses of some type- generally convex and concave. The first step in making this simple telescope is to find two generally large cardboard tubes that will slide right over one another. The next step in making a telescope is to calculate the distance of how far apart the lenses need to be within the telescope. Next, you will need to double the measurement that you initially came up with. After this step is completed, you will then fasten the lense onto the larger of the two tubes. Then place the smaller lense on the smaller tube, this will now be the eyepiece. The last step in making the telescope is to make sure that the lenses line up with one another and that you can see clearly out of them.
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A telescope is a device created in order to be able to see far distances. They are made up of a bunch of magnifying glasses that are adjustable.
Ask any child, "Who invented the telescope," and you will probably be met with the same answer: Galileo. While this answer has been widely discredited, another incorrect
1. Get to know your telescope by getting out all of your gear, including your telescope's owner's manual. Most important, familiarize yourself with the name and function of each individual
1. Take apart your camera to access the digital sensor. On less expensive point-and-shoot cameras, the body may be held together with glue. More expensive dSLR (digital Single Lens
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To make a telescope you will need some cardboard tubes, a glue gun, some glue, some styrofoam, a measuring tape and a convex and concave telescope lense. You ...
You need to magnifying glasses, a cylindrical tube, duct tape, scissors, tape measure and printed paper like a newspaper or magazine to accomplish the task. ...
To make a telescope, you will some supplies and materials that you can find at a hobby stores. Once you have your materials, you will need to assemble them correctly ...
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