How to Make the Drug Wet?


Wet is the chemical embalming fluid and it is used by adding it to tobacco or marijuana. The laced leaves are then smoked. It is very dangerous and can cause comas and seizures. For info on 'Wet':
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PCP triggers feelings of stimulation, euphoria, and lowers inhibiti...
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It's a medicine, not ebola - - you'll be ok, really. (It's good to be cautious, but in this case, you don't have to be *that* cautious. Even if the drugs were radioactive (some are)
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Wet is nothing more than formaldehyde, the embalming ingredient used to insert into the dead. Huffing the material is very dangerous and can result in permanent brain damage.
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This is a hoax from the misconception that the cleaner uses anti-freeze. Swiffer WetJet contains a type of propylene glycol. The Food and Drug Administration has ...
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