How to Make Things from Silverware?


The easiest and most popular thing to make is the spoon bracelet. This is a bracelet formed by elongating the handle of a spoon or fork once the head of it has been removed. You would need a cold steel press, or a mallet and a workers bench. Heating the silver would depend on how much of it is metal versus steel and usually this content can be found on the box somewhere.
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How to Make Things From Silverware
This wind chime is a great project to make from odd silverware you have accumulated from your own drawer, flea markets or auctions. Paired with beads and other odd bits, this silverware wind chime can add the finishing touch to your porch or patio.... More »
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1. Cut a 16-inch piece of craft wire. Bend the wire in half. Thread the metal ring on one end of the wire and slide to the bent end. Turn the ring to twist the wire and hold the ring
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Silverware is normally kept in a
heat it up, like with a blow torch. then hammer it into shape using hard metal surface to hammer on, like an anvil.
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