How to Make Things out of Bamboo?


Bamboo can be used to make many different things. Perhaps the easiest thing to make out of bamboo is a simple fishing rod. You only need to cut a slender piece of bamboo and attach a string to the narrow end. The natural resilience of the bamboo stalk will provide the tension needed to cast the line, and pull any fish you may hook out of the water. 
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There are many many things that can be made out of bamboo, and there will be different techniques for each project. Working with bamboo can be as simple as taking bamboo canes and strapping them together around a post to decorate with. You can find more info at:
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Put your bamboo stalks in a vase with broken glass, pebbles or
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There are so many people who are continuously making things with bamboo. The easiest thing to make is a bamboo flute. You will just need to drill some holes on ...
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