How to Make Things out of Clay?


You can make all kinds of things out of clay. Take some clay and knead it so it softens (if it needs softening). Mold and/or cut it into whatever shape you want. Let the clay dry, and if you have the means, fire it in a kiln. This site tells you how to make a head out of clay.
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1. Hold the lump of clay in your hand. Place your other hand on top of the lump of clay and squeeze the clay so the clay forms a rough ball. 2. Lay the lump of clay down on the table
1. Research various images of gargoyles to discover the shape that most appeals to you. Gargoyles can vary in proportion, size and features, so take your time deciding on your design
1. Obtain a photo or two of Mickey Mouse to give you an idea of the traditional colors, expressions and poses of the character. 2. Decide how large you want your sculpture to be.
1. Roll out a slab of clay 1 inch thick. Lay the shoe on top of it and use the craft knife to cut around the sole. Remove the excess clay. 2. Cut a shape for the heel of the shoe
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You can make almost anything out of clay. Modeling clay is the easiest for at home use. Putting wax paper down on your surface will help keep the clay from sticking. Pull a piece out and start shaping. Once it's in the shape you want, let it dry, then you can paint it.
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