How to Make Things out of Clay?


You can make all kinds of things out of clay. Take some clay and knead it so it softens (if it needs softening). Mold and/or cut it into whatever shape you want. Let the clay dry, and if you have the means, fire it in a kiln. This site tells you how to make a head out of clay.
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1. Work a piece of polymer clay between your fingers until it is soft and pliable. Use a color of polymer clay similar to that of the stone you wish to produce. Black, gray and reddish-brown
1. Knead the clay until it's soft and pliable. Pull a section to become the dog's body, and roll it out until you have a smooth oval. 2. Roll out four smaller tubes to form the legs
1. Lay several newspaper sheets on the table. Place a 1 pound block of clay on top of the newspaper sheets. 2. Roll the block of clay into a ball. Pace the palms of both hands on
1. A human head is similar to an egg shape. Knead a small handful of beige polymer clay to condition, or soften, it. Roll out a 2 inch wide ball for the miniature person's head. Shape
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You can make almost anything out of clay. Modeling clay is the easiest for at home use. Putting wax paper down on your surface will help keep the clay from sticking. Pull a piece out and start shaping. Once it's in the shape you want, let it dry, then you can paint it.
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