How to Make Things out of Clay?


You can make all kinds of things out of clay. Take some clay and knead it so it softens (if it needs softening). Mold and/or cut it into whatever shape you want. Let the clay dry, and if you have the means, fire it in a kiln. This site tells you how to make a head out of clay.
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Things You'll Need. Clay. Vegetable peeler. Rolling pin. Knife. Paintbrush. Water. Oven or kiln. Instructions. Roll the clay into a cylinder and flatten the ends. Stand the cylinder
1 Assemble the items needed to make this project. These are listed below under "Things You'll Need". Ad 2 Make a small oval shape from the clay. 3 Start shaping the defining
1. Choose the colors of clay you want for the base of your pendant and any additional layers. 2. Place a sheet of parchment paper on your work surface. The paper will keep the clay
1. Plan the route of the clay sewer line from the appliance to the home's main sewer line or incoming city sewer line. Consult the local city building department regarding the correct
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You can make almost anything out of clay. Modeling clay is the easiest for at home use. Putting wax paper down on your surface will help keep the clay from sticking. Pull a piece out and start shaping. Once it's in the shape you want, let it dry, then you can paint it.
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