How to Make Things with Plastic Lace?


Plastic lace can be a lot of fun for kids to make things with. Start by laying piece of the lace out and then weave other colors through them to make a cool key chain.
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To make things with plastic lace are fun and make great gifts. key Rings are very popular. You will need two 4 inch plastic laces, a key ring, 12 pony beads, and scissors. Tie the lace around the key ring. Braid the lace half way down. On the end string the pony beads and then tie off the ends.
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It's called an "aglet"
The plastic ends on shoelaces are called aglets! ChaCha on
1. Snip two pieces of plastic lace four times as long as you want your finished product to be. For instance, if making a bracelet 8 inches long, cut two pieces of plastic lace 32
The plastic sleeves at the end of shoelaces to keep laces from fraying are called aiglets or aglets.
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You lace plastic string like you would any other type of string. You will simply thread it through the holes. Alternate the sides so that you can tighten the thing ...
Aglet is a plastic on the end of a lace which helps to facilitate it to pass through eyelet holes. ...
To braid plastic lace, you will need at least three strands of the plastic. Knot the strands at the top, and braid normally down the length for a simple braid. ...
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