How to Make Things with Plastic Lace?


Plastic lace can be a lot of fun for kids to make things with. Start by laying piece of the lace out and then weave other colors through them to make a cool key chain.
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1. Cut two pieces of plastic lace. Make them the same length. They should each be about four times the length that you desire the keychain to be. Number the four parts of the cross
1 Assemble the things needed. These are listed below. If the lace needs pressing, do so now, on the wrong side. Ad 2 Cut the cardboard to fit the frame. 3 Cut the velvet or other
1. Lay out your bead on a bead board and experiment with different patterns and colors until you find something you are happy with. Designing the bracelet before you begin stringing
1. Place a piece of paper on a smooth, flat work surface. Place the knife blade on the surface of the paper. Trace around the blade. 2. Remove the knife and return it to a safe location
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To make things with plastic lace are fun and make great gifts. key Rings are very popular. You will need two 4 inch plastic laces, a key ring, 12 pony beads, and scissors. Tie the lace around the key ring. Braid the lace half way down. On the end string the pony beads and then tie off the ends.
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