How to Make Travel Arrangements for Executives?


A person can easily make travel arrangements for executives by getting the departure and destination preferences. The travel documents must also be up to date.
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1. Get the traveler's destination, departure and return dates and airline and seating preferences. Ask what hotel and rental car company he prefers. Corporations usually have negotiated
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How to Make Travel Arrangements for Executives
If you work as an administrative assistant, an executive assistant or in some other administrative support role, at some point you'll likely make travel arrangements for one or more executives. Most corporations have contracts with travel agencies that... More »
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Administrative assistants provide office support to executives and they also type and distribute correspondence, make travel arrangements, answer phones, and maintain ...
An independent travel agent is a person who arranges tickets, hotel accommodation and travel plans for people who are going on holiday or a business trip. ...
A tour operator is a person or company that offers holidays or vacations, primarily through reserving travel and accommodation arrangements for people. For example ...
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