How to Make Trout Pellet Paste?


To make Trout pellet paste, you need to add warm water to the pellets until they form a sticky dough. Another way is to add pulversized pellets to a cracked egg.
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add an egg corn flour and oil mix together to form a dough wrap in cling film the oil will help repel the water making it stay on the hook longer and not breaking down to quickly
1. Crack 3 large eggs into a mixing bowl. Stir the eggs with a spoon or fork to break the yolks and incorporate them with the egg whites. 2. Place 2 cups of trout pellets into a plastic
Find a feed store and see if they carry or will order you one of the Purnia fish foods they make. Here is a list of them.…. with this
Hi , I got hold of some garlic oil from eBay (about a fiver ) and glug the pellets with a coating of oil , I find it works really well !
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