How to Make Turkey Jerky?


To make turkey jerky you first would start with a turkey breast. After you get that you would want to thinly slice and marinade it in teriyaki. Then place in a dehydrateor and let dehydrate until it is a jerky consistancy.
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How to Make Turkey Jerky
Jerky has long been a favorite snack of those who love savory munchies. Though jerky is traditionally made using beef, turkey jerky is gaining in popularity. Here is a quick and easy recipe to make your own turkey jerky at home.... More »
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Although the traditional way to make jerky is with beef, turkey is become a popular way to make jerky now too. You can tailor the jerky to fit your taste by adding whatever seasonings
1. Remove the skin, bones and all visible fat from the turkey. 2. Slice the turkey about 1/8-inch thick with the grain of the meat. 3. Mix Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and spices
Thin strips of turkey are dried out in a food dehydrator or oven for at least 6-8
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The shelf life of unopened beef jerky is between one and two years. Homemade beef jerky has a shorter shelf life of two to three months. Turkey jerky also has ...
Beef Jerky is a great treat to make in the oven, as well as other meats. You can also make salmon, turkey, and ahi tuna, Jerkey. You will need Worcestershire ...
Good protein snacks are snacks rich in protein content. Such snacks are beef or turkey jerky, unsalted nuts, hard boiled eggs, low-fat yoghurt, cottage cheese ...
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