How to make Vicodin at home?


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When most people hear the word sushi, raw fish immediately comes to mind. Sushi is actually vinegar-flavored rice that is served cold, garnished with bits or raw seafood or vegetable
1. Find a map of the constellation you want your homemade planetarium to show. You can find maps online (see Resources) or in books about astronomy. 2. Mark the positions of the stars
1. Use your drill to make a hole in the side of a large metal pit (with lid). Make the hole equal in diameter to your heavy-duty plastic tubing (you should have 3 feet of same). 2
1. Cut the PVC pipe like wood with a power or hand saw. Cut a 16 inch length of PVC pipe to get a 90-degree cut. Cut with power miter saw set at 90 degrees or cut using the two slots
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