How to Make Walnut Stain?


To make a Walnut stain, set the husks inside a nylon stocking or fabric bag that will act as a strainer. Add adequate water to cover the husks, and soak them for 3 days. After that boil the husks for an hour or two, then take them out from the heat, and let them saturate overnight. The next day, drain the liquid out of the husks into another container, and strain the liquid so as to remove any solids. Black walnut can be used to create a stain to colour your baskets or any other splint materials.
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How to Make Walnut Stain
You can make walnut stain by purchasing walnut oil pigment and then adding it to solvents or drying oils. But before there were chemicals, before factories and distilleries, there were old-world craftsmen who made stain out of ordinary natural materials.... More »
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