How to Make Whelping Box?


A simple cardboard box is enough to make whelping box. Just cut the top of the box but leave enough height to contain the puppies. Put old newspapers inside to serve as insulators and absorb liquids.
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How to Make a Whelping Box
Puppies are a joy to have in your household. However, ensuring the safety and comfort of a new litter can take a bit of work. A properly constructed whelping box is an essential part of assuring that your new mother and puppies are as safe and... More »
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A whelping box is a type of a box that is created specifically for the purpose of protecting puppies during and after birth. It helps to keep puppies safe, protected from cold and safe from the danger of mothering by the mother.
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To build a whelping box you will need lumber, a non toxic paint, zinc corner braces, steel plated nuts, button cap screws, and head cap screws. You will also need some power tools
1. Assemble a cardboard box and cut off the top half, leaving the floor and walls that are approximately four inches taller than the mother's height while lying down. 2. Cut down
1 Cut one sheet of the OSB to finish out at 5 foot 6 inches. Ad 2 Now cut two pieces of 2” x 4” board at approximately 4 foot which should be the width of the OSB wood
A whelping box is a box where your dog has privacy, warmth and security for the birth and
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To make a whelping box, gather pieces of 4 pieces of Melamine that are about 12' wide and 4' long for the sides, and a 4'x4' piece for the bottom. You'll also ...
You can purchase a whelping box from different pet stores in your locality. You can also buy a whelping box online from online sources such as Whelping-Boxes, ...
In the United Kingdom, you can buy a whelping box from Whelping Boxes, Calibex, Get A Special Deal, Pet Nap Whelping Boxes. All these shops sell different kinds ...
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