How to Make Whipped Cream with Half and Half?


In most cases whipped cream is made using heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream, however there is a way how to make whipped cream with half and half. You will need one cup of half and half, a large bowl, whisk, and beaters. Place the cream, bowl, beaters, and whisk in the refrigerator for one hour or the freezer for 15 minutes. Beat the cream at medium speed until the cream starts to thicken. Continue beating until the cream forms soft peaks, this means when the beater is raised it droops slightly from the ends of the beater. If you would like stiff peaks continue beating until the cream holds its shape and clings to the beater. Since there isn't much fat in the half and half stiff peaks will be harder to form.
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Half and half is about 15% fat (range 10-18% and cream is has about twice the fat (30-36% Half and half will not beat into whipped cream, because it does not have enough fat.
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