How to Make White Vinegar?


In a large pot mix water, yeast and molasses together. Cover the top of the pot with a piece of cheese cloth. For 2-3 weeks leave the pot out in the sun. Store in a sterile mason jar.
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White vinegar is made from distilled alcohol. It is allowed to sit for a period of time and oxidize. Once that happens it takes on a very acidic and sour taste which is what you get
1. Pour white vinegar into the water chamber in your coffee pot and turn it on. The hot vinegar will eat away any lime scale and clean the internal workings that you can't otherwise
Vinegar made from white wine. The wine is allowed to age until it turns to vinegar.
1 Let the clippers soak in warm water. This will loose
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1. Purchase a 1 gallon glass or ceramic crock with a spigot. Your vinegar will live here. 2. Buy an 8 oz. bottle of commercial vinegar mother from a beer or wine ...
White Vinegar is distilled Vinegar which is clear. It is made by allowing the distilled alcohol to undergo acid fermentation. At this time, oxygen is combined ...
White vinegar is a clear vinegar that is generally used for cleaning purposes, cooking purposes, and to pickle certain foods. White vinegar is generally more acidic ...
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