How to Make Woven Bracelets?


Woven bracelets are made by slowly alternating sections of yarn or similar material in an overlapping pattern. This creates one solid piece which is similar in structure to a rope. The ends are then tied together to create a bracelet shape.
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How to Make Woven Bracelets
Woven bracelets, also known as friendship bracelets, are a colorful crafting project that you can make in an afternoon to show someone you care. Learn how to make woven bracelets and you can give them away to friends and loved ones for holidays,... More »
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In order for you to make woven bracelets, you will first need to determine what type of material you would like to use to make them in this manner. You can find more info at:
To make woven bracelets you will need some embroidery thread, or other similar string. You will also need some scissors, some tape, and a ruler to measure the length of the string.
There are many ways to make woven bracelets and you can use many different materials in which to do so. You can start by using a material called hemp which can be easily woven or braided to your liking.
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1. Cut four strands of embroidery floss, one in each of four colors, that are each approximately 25 inches long. Tie a knot through all four strands approximately 1 inch from the
I like cotton twine that you can buy in the hardware store, as it is smooth. Of course embroidery floss makes great looking bracelets, and is not expensive, especially since you do
Accessories to complement your outfits do not have to be expensive or branded. In fact, you can create your own accessories using strings. One of these is the woven string bracelet,
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