How to Make X the Subject of the Formula?


When making x the subject of the formula, for example y = x+7, swap the left hand side of the formula with the right hand side of the formula to give x+7=y. Apply the inverse operations to both sides of your formula making the required letter the subject to get the result x =y-7.
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T = 4x + 8 Subtract 8 from both sides: T - 8 = 4x Divide both sides by 4: T/4 - 2 = x or x = T/4 - 2
you take the log of both side and the answer would be. xlog10=logy. x=logy/log10.
1. Click in the Excel cell where you want the answer to appear, which is A1 in this example. 2. Click in Formula Bar (fx field) located above the cells and enter the equal sign "
Okay, your goal here is to get X by itself in order that everything else "equals" X. Now look at your equals sign as a see-saw, and imagine any functions, such as addition
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The logarithmic formula is x = ln x = loge x. Thanks for asking ChaCha! ...
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