How to Make Yaba?


Yaba is a recreational drug. It is popular in Thailand. It is very similar to meth in the way it is produced and used. Making Yaba is a dangerous practice that creates a very volatile chemical situation. One wrong move and an explosion can occur, hurting or killing people nearby. There are several ways to make Yaba. All of them include some type of household cleaning product although other ingredients may vary. Some people use salt, while other user lithium batteries or rat poison in the drug.
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how is ya baa , what ia reaction ? pls let me know details how ia make is drugs ? best regard. saheed.
It is another name for a psychotic synthetic drug, and is therefore harmful to one's health. It is Thai for crazy medicine, cause the person after use, behaves like a mad man. Cannot
It is (usually?) a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine. I think the caffeine is just a residue - the process used for cooking it in Myanmar uses caffeine as the main ingredient.
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Yaba is a home made illegal street drug made with salt, household cleaning products, over the counter cold medicines and lithium extracted from batteries. Yaba is very similar to crystal meth and very dangerous and illegal to make and use.
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