How to Make Your Booty Clap?


First, that area must be very fresh and clean. Then you either can stand up or kneel (like you would be in the outfield at a baseball game) with your hands on your knees and move your butt up and down.
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There is no possible way your booty can clap, unless your booty can grow arms and hands to do so. You can slap your booty with your hands or have someone do it for you.
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You make your booty "clap" by increasing the muscle tone in them. If you have good muscle top and ample booty, you make them clap by squeezing your muscles and letting go
smak on ur butt.
Booty clap: When a woman makes a clapping sound with her booty. Shaking her butt and making
i agree with the first answerer but i have no idea whats funny is how whites will know what its is when they accuse blacks of doing it, and the blacks always ask what it is but i
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To make your booty clap you will need to have fairly fleshy buttocks. You need to pop your knees together and flex your buttock muscles at the same time. This ...
A booty clap is a sensual routine where a woman knocks her knees together rhythmically to make her buttocks pat automatically. Basically the fleshier or larger ...
To perform a booty clap you need to pop your knees together rapidly. If you have enough flesh on your buttocks and you flex the muscles there at the same time, ...
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