How to Make Your Butt Clap?


In order to make your butt clap you must be fresh and clean in that specific area. Now either stand or lean over with your hands on your knees (as if you were in the outfield waiting on the ball to come to you) and knock your knees together. Your knees don't necessarily have to touch.
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Butt clap is when someone farts and produces a clapping sound from his or her butt. Thanks for
For Begginers You Can Lean Or Hold On To Something Balance On Your Heels & Begin To Twist Your Heels Look In The Mirror Or Something & If It Looks Like Your Booty Clappin
Booty clapping will only work if you have a fleshy cheeks. If you do, knocking your knees together in rhythm will make them clap automatically.
thats funny cuz im a dancer and people always ask me how.its hard to explain but its all in your butt and thigh muscles.if u cant do it with them jus stand up on ur toes and move
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To make your butt clap you need to have enough flesh on your butt to move well. If you do, then bounce your knees together and flex your butt muscles. Do this in a type of small jump. Then you should hear the butt clap.
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