How to Make Your Crush Jealous?


The easiest way to make someone who has a crush on you jealous, is simply finding someone else who they may or may not know, and fawn over that person. Now here's the thing about making someone jealous. There's always a strong chance that it can back fire, and hurt the feelings of the person who has a crush on you. The main thing to consider before going through with a simple plan is, do you like the person who has the crush on you? If you do, then skip making them jealous. If not, then do your worst, just be ready for any back lash that may come your way in the future.
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Flirt with another guy, just a little bit, don't over do it. Make eye contact with him when you know he's looking at you and then turn away.
if ur crush likes you then these tips will help u 1. ignore him wen u r with him an his friends flirt with his friends and complement on them. every now an again say something to
1. Have confidence. Although this may be easier said than done, building confidence is nonetheless an achievable objective - and, in fact, vital for most successful relationships
1. Make him wonder what you are up to, pretend to text a friend on your phone, or leave the room when he walks in. Don’t pay attention to anything he has to say, unless it is
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