How to Make Your Crush Jealous?


The easiest way to make someone who has a crush on you jealous, is simply finding someone else who they may or may not know, and fawn over that person. Now here's the thing about making someone jealous. There's always a strong chance that it can back fire, and hurt the feelings of the person who has a crush on you. The main thing to consider before going through with a simple plan is, do you like the person who has the crush on you? If you do, then skip making them jealous. If not, then do your worst, just be ready for any back lash that may come your way in the future.
Q&A Related to "How to Make Your Crush Jealous?"
1 Find out if she actually likes you. (Don't ask her friends or they will tell her you asked.) Read one of the articles about it if you can't tell. Ad 2 Sit with other girls at lunch
hey its mandy (amanda) im just here just saying you could do better find a new guy/girl and remember your HOT like TOTALLY. xx.
seriously dont do that, thats just gay.
1. Practice good grooming habits. You don’t have to be dressed in a tuxedo and top hat every time you meet your crush, but remember the basics of good hygiene. Not only will
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