How do you make your hair curly for guys?


To make hair curly for a guy, you can go permanent with perming the hair or you can use styling products such as gels and mouses to temporary scrunch the hair. If hair is long enough you can also use rollers.
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Use a curling iron or get a perm, which would make it very curly.
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To make your hair curly, for guys, you have a couple of options. You can use a curling iron. If you have short hair, you will want to use a curling iron with a small barrel. If you have long hair, you will want to use a curling iron with a larger barrel. If you want something more permanent, you can get a perm. They have perms that give you loose curls and perms that give you tight curls. You can also try one of those products that claim they make your hair curly by just putting the product in your hair. I know a guy who actually uses a small curling iron every day to put curls in the top of his hair.
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