How to Make Your Hair Stand up?


Some ways to make your hair stand up include adding stiffener or static electricity. One way to make your hair stand up would be a Faraday Cage, but that wouldn't be practical in most situations. You can tease your hair by combing it backward and spray it with a ton of mousse or hair spray to make it continue to stick up.
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1. Get a good education. Attend an accredited cosmetology school with a well-rounded curriculum. Learn everything you can about hair styling while in school. Continue your education
1. Buy a bottle of Got2Be Shagged Out hair gel. I think they are in the $3-7 dollar range. Ad. 2. Get a spray bottle. 3. Take the Got2Be hair gel and put it in the spray bottle FIRST
in prehistoric days, we'd have muscles that make our hair stand up, this would make us seem bigger, and therfore, more intimidating.
I am autistic and suffer from sensory overload, so I'm a natural expert on irritating sounds. It comes from the fact that we have "heirarchies of empathy in the brain",
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How to Make Your Hair Stand Up
Make hair stand up for extra volume by flipping the hair over and spraying the roots with hairspray. Separate the individual strands of hair to create more volume with tips from a freelance makeup artist in this free video on beauty and hair care.... More »
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