How to Make Your Hair Stay Curled?


The best way to make your hair stay curled is to have a permanent wave done at the hair dressers. Another way to make your hair stay curled is to use various types of hairspray.
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1. Shampoo your hair. Use lukewarm water rather than hot, which can damage and strip already fine hair. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear before moving on. 2. Apply a leave-in
'Tis a curse, I say! Well, as someone who has curly hair that refuses to go straight and becomes a giant ball of frizz at the first sign of humidity, it sure does feel like a curse.
Following the right tips on how to curl your hair will give you whatever curly style you want, whether they be tight spirals or loose waves. Gone are the days of sleek and over straightened
Lots and Lots of product. Hair spray, Curl activator, Curl wax. but curls never stay in "all day" eventually they will fall out. lots of products keep our curls in but wax
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To curl your hair with a curling iron you need to place a piece of hair carefully between the barrel and the opened clamp. Pull down til at the end of hair and ...
Curling hair with rollers is very easy. Take a small section of hair and apply roller at the end of hair. Roll the rod until you reach the root of hair and clip ...
To pin curl you hair you will need a lot of bobby pins! Separate hair into 1-in sections and twirl each section of hair around your finger. Let the end fold ...
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