How to Make Your Laundry Smell Good?


Make your laundry smell good by washing in good quality, scented detergent and using fabric softener and dryer sheets. All these should be scented to add a good smell to your laundry.
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1. Fill up your washing machine with hot water (but no clothes) and then turn it off so it won't yet go through a cycle. Add two cups of white distilled vinegar to the water. Let
1. Wash damp laundry as soon as possible. Allowing damp laundry to sit in your laundry room can encourage mold growth and stains to develop on your clothes. Ad. 2. Keep up with your
Most washers and dryers have a rubber belt that runs from a motor to the drum. It may be jammed or about to break. Have the machine serviced by a competent repairman. Maybe the driven
Gain or tide but adding a liquid fabric softener also helps. I use gain or tide w liquid softener as well as dryer sheets and my laundry smells fantastic.
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How to Make Laundry Smell Good
Laundry sometimes does not come out of the washer or dryer as fresh-smelling as a person would like. This can happen for many reasons. A pleasant scent in laundry has a lot to do with the detergent you use, the soil load on the clothes (very dirty... More »
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