How to Make Your Own Body Armor?


Building your own body armor doesn't require an underground lab or welding experience. Your best bet is probably going to be to purchase Kevlar fabric and sew your own. Be aware that it takes several layers of material to prevent punctures, so test your armor using a dummy, not yourself or friends.
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To begin to make your own body armor is to gather all the materials you will need for making the armor. The fist step for making body armor is to measure the material you will need for making the body armor.
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Body armor is generally made out of some type of steel or iron. To make this, you need to have blacksmith skills and it needs to be contoured to your body.
1. Lay 10, 10"x30" sheets of cotton on a hard surface.Concrete floor, sturdy table, etc. Flatten them with something heavy, I prefer using a bowling ball. When they are
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Ninja Body Armor is used for protection. To make body armor lay sheets of cotton on a hard surface, flatten them with something heavy, when they are compressed ...
You can make body armor yourself. This can be used to protect yourself from a number of things. To get started, you will need some cotton cloth and metal plates. ...
Body armor is a popular term especially when it comes to war. The basic elements include a helmet and a breastplate. You will also require a belt, shoes, sword ...
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