How to Make Your Own Crab Traps?


You will need ½ PVC, ½ PVC elbows with side outlets 8 for each trap, PVC glue, (4) ¼ eyebolts 2 long with nuts, chicken wire, 20 gauge galvanised wire, poly rope, 1 carabineer, 1 small mesh laundry bag, 6 heavy duty zip ties, drill and bits, snips for chicken wire, pliers, saw, measuring tape. Build a rectangular box using the PVC pipe and drill holes for the eye bolts along the top pipes. Drill drain holes along the sides and corners. Cover the sides, top, bottom with chicken wire and twist the galvanised wire to secure it. Use chicken wire to cover one end and hinge it from the top using zip ties. Once the bait is loaded; use another zip tie to secure the bottom. Bend the chicken wire at the other end into a funnel ensuring that your entrance is at the bottom while your exit is in the middle and attach it with galvanised wire. Connect your eye bolts and make a loop with two lengths of rope and splice the four loops into the eyebolts. Attach the carabineer to the remaining rope loop and join them to both middle loops connected to the eyebolts. Place some bait in the trap and zip tie it to the bottom before attaching your rope and throwing it in the water. Make sure you tie your rope onto a buoy and wait for a few hours.
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How to Make Crab Traps
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