How to Make Your Own Dot to Dot Worksheets?


Connect the dots worksheets are one of the activities for pre-school children that is fun and educational at the same time. The skills that could be developed in this kind of activity are the enhancement of their fine-motor skills, the ability to sequence numbers of alphabets chronologically.
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How to Make Your Own Dot to Dot Worksheets
Dot to dot worksheets are great for children to use to learn numbers and also motor skills. A dot to dot is a fun way for children to trace lines, following along with the numbers, to create an image on their own. Dot to dot worksheets are used in... More »
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A person can make their own dot to dot worksheets in a number of ways. They can be made on computer programs as well as by hand. Many like computer made ones because they are faster.
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1. Find an image on the Internet that is crisp and easy to trace. Save the image to your hard drive. 2. Click "Start, "All Programs, "Gimp" and choose "Gimp
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Go to. Touchmath is used by many schools throughout the country, including the school that I teach at. Hope this helps.
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Dot to dot worksheets are so much fun for kids. You can make your own by outlining simple drawings and placing dots. Then erase the outlines so it is only numbered ...
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Hard dot to dot worksheets are great for older kids to work on as it provides a fun, challenging way for them to exercise their minds. Dot to dots can also be ...
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