How to Make Your Own Douche?


The best homemade douche is a simple vinegar and water mixture. Mix 1/4 part white vinegar together with 3/4 part water. Talk to your doctor to see if douching is really a good idea for you.
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Douching increases risk of infection! I just flushes discharge up into the uterus and EFFECTS UR PREGNANCY. Douching is NOT recommended! This should answer most/all of ur questions:
First of all, no, you can't use a tampon as a douche. A douche is used to clean the vagina, and a tampon is not an item that cleanses the vagina. Secondly, most, if not all, physicians
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I would suggest distilled or at the very least filtered, especially if your water is chlorinated. The chlorine can cause internal irritation. I would go with distilled since during
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You can make your own homemade douche solution by mixing 2 ounces of vinegar with 2 quarts of water. Douches are actually not necessary because the vagina does an excellent job of cleaning itself.
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No, douching will not help to end your period. Douching can 'clear out' any existing period blood which is still being held within the vaginal canal, but it will ...
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