How do fake belly button rings work?


Fake belly button rings work by clipping onto a piece of the skin around the belly button area. Another type of fake belly button ring glues directly to the skin. Fake belly button rings are classified as non-piercing body jewelry.

The most common variety of fake belly button ring is the clip-on ring. One type of clip-on has a flexible wire ring that pulls apart. The wearer inserts a bit of the skin at the edge of the belly button between the wires and then pushes them together to hold the ring in place. It is easy to position this type of ring on any part of the belly button, and the wires push into the skin a bit to give the look of a real piercing.

Another type of clip-on belly button ring has a spring clip. The spring clip snaps shut on the edge of the belly button and holds the ring firmly in place. Spring-clip rings are less likely to irritate the skin than wire rings, and they stay in place better.

Glue-on rings come with two beads or jewels and a tube of skin-safe glue. The wearer glues one bead into the belly button and the other bead just outside the belly button to approximate the look of an actual piercing. The rings remove easily with gentle pressure.

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