How to Make Your Own False Teeth?


You can easily make your own fasle teeth out of agar-agar powder. You will also need alginate, a dental tray and a scalpel to make your own false teeth. See this site for complete directions for making your own false teeth.
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How to Make False Teeth
Creating false teeth is a fun way to alter a person's appearance for either theatrical applications or just for enjoyment. The technique described here is quite similar to that used by dentists.... More »
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You will first need to get a mold of the inside of your mouth and the shape of it with either clay or molding that can harden. You want to make sure it will fit comfortably. For more information look here:;
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False teeth are made of different materials. Some of the lesser expensive ones are made of acrylic. Other materials may be plastic or porcelain. You can find more information here
1. Find a clean container that is big enough to hold the ingredients and your dentures. 2. Pour 1 cup of cool water into the container. Do not use hot water because it can cause the
George Washington. but i don't think it's really made out of animal teeth i think that's a myth. ~Zizsuki ____________________________________________________________
To make your own gold teeth, you'll need something to melt gold in, then the settings/moldings of your teeth. Also, of course, the spare gold. There's a class available in Atlanta
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