How to Make Your Own Paintball Field?


You can make your own paintball field by sectioning out a portion of your property. Take various things and use them as obstacles to hide behind or to shoot from.
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How to Build a Paintball Field
The best paintball fields are made to convey a mood among its players. Some fields, with dense natural foliage, bunkers, foxholes and climbing trees, offer a great scene for intense competitive sniper play. However, new-age materials and design... More »
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First off, you need players and paintball guns. But, to make a simple paintball field is easy! All you need is a few bales of hay for cover, or a wooded area. Next you should rope
1. Measure the length and width of the property or field for which you'll be designing the course. You may be able to find the property measurements in your city records department
Starting a paintball field is time consuming and can be expensive. You need to set aside time to get your business papers together and filed, and money to purchase the property, the
1 Get together with a few of your paintball-loving friends. Make sure they know they are going to use shovels and do some labor. Ad 2 Find a section of land that is clear and easy
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To make a paintball field, find a section of land that is clear and easy to dig. The soil should be rather loose -- not clay or rock -- and have plenty of open ...
The size of a paintball field is one hundred feet by one hundred eighty feet. However, paintball fields can be smaller or larger than the previous measurements ...
A well designed paintball field can lead to a good time for paintball enthusiasts. Make sure that the area is clean, and has plenty of places to hide. You don't ...
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