How to Make Your Own Switchblade?


To make your own genuine switchblade you will need to first check both federal and state laws before you begin your project. The making and carrying of switchblades is illegal in many states so it is best to do a check first. How to Make your own Switchblade
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Potato guns are illegal in most places. They can easily kill people. We have not help you break the law, but plans are here: The basics are a long tube or pie - plastic or metal with one end sealed and then the tater is inserted with some form of expulsion behind it. It is usually propelled by injected air or chemical explosion. For more information look here:;
There is a method of making a switchblade with just a couple of sticks and a rubber band. Now this is not a blade but it can hurt yourself all the same. You can find more info at:
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If you are planing on making a switchblade it can be alot of work so you will want to make sure that you know what you are doing, this can take some time. For more information look
The offense would be a misdemeanor. Possession is
There is no logical reason for owning one other than you need a knife and a switchblade suits you better Some of the ridiculous answers given by the children of public education show
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Because you are thinking about building a switchblade from scratch, it would be a wise idea to begin with learning the laws of your area regarding, permissibility ...
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