How to Make Your Period Go Away Faster?


There are a few methods that can help to make your period go away faster. Drinking lots of water each day can help to make your period lighter and shorter. Exercise can also help.
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drink white or green tea it should make it go away a day or too sooner and lighten it. Source(s) EMT but thats not where i know this from haha.
First, try the simplest things first. Try unloading all those unwanted programs from your system tray. Use CTRL-ALT-DEL to view all the programs currently running on your computer
u cant make it go awa any faster i hav 1 to just dont touch it and it will go way in about a week to 10 days k! peace! p.s dont pick at it it might leave a scar that way! Try applying
Some birth control pills allow women to have shorter periods. Other than that
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Although it is possible for women to delay their periods upon medical advice, it is virtually impossible to make your period come faster. However, it has been ...
There is no way to get rid of your period faster since it is a natural process for your body. Some things that can lessen the symptoms of your period are birth ...
There really aren't any type of foods that you can eat to make your period come faster. There are foods to help with cramping and to possibly make your period ...
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