How to Make Your Tongue Longer?


The tongue can not be made longer really. You can try and stretch it out to try and make it longer. Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body. For more info see link.
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You can't make your tongue longer. There are no exercises that will give you an elongated tongue. It's genetic and is predetermined by your parents. Gene Simmons has one of the longest tongues in the world. Rumor has it that he had surgery to make it longer. He denies it!
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1. Look into surgery to cut the sublingual frenulum, the fold of tissue underneath the tongue. This frees the tongue to have a greater range of movement, which makes it seem longer.
An anteater's tongue is longer. An anteater's tongue is 24 inches and a giraffes is 18 inches.
A lingual frenectomy removes the lingual frenulum under the tongue. The tongue can often
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The only way that you can make your tongue longer is by cutting the flap of skin that is under your tongue called the frenulum. It is best to speak with your doctor ...
If you want to make your tongue longer, you could try attaching weights to it. When that doesn't work, you will have to visit a doctor so he or she can snip the ...
How to get a longer tongue is possible, but through surgical procedures that lengthen the tissue under the tongue. Some people practice tongue yoga which stretches ...
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