How to Make Yourself Puke?


You can make yourself vomit by sticking your finger down your throat and stimulating the gag reflex. Also, syrup of ipecac will make you vomit. This can be bought over the counter and swallowed by the spoonful.
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Smell something that is gross or stick your finger down your throat. Be carefull not to choke yourself. This is not an advisable thing to do.
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To make yourself puke, simply put your finger into the back of your mouth and don't take
You have to put your fingers really far back/deep. And when you feel yourself choking try and push them back further. Or you could just use a toothbrush.
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One way to make yourself puke is to use ipecac syrup. Ipecac has been found to be ineffective in thoroughly removing substances from the stomach in instances of ...
The most effective way to make yourself puke is to take some Ipecac. This is often recommended for people who have ingested something they shouldn't have. I don't ...
If you take your finger and stick it down your throat it will trigger your gag reflexes and you should be throwing up pretty quickly. You may also use a toothbrush ...
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