How to Measure a Fighters Reach?


If you are a trainer you might find it helpful to know how to measure a fighters reach. To get this measurement you will measure the length from one end of the arm, measured at the fingertips, to the other when raised parallel to the ground at shoulder height. The average reach is correlated to their height. Having an above average reach is an advantage for a fighter. The long reach will allow them to hit another boxer from a safe distance where the opponent can not reach him.
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A fighters reach is measured from armpit to finger tip. Thank you,'s-...
Extend your arms fully and keep them parallel to the floor. Measure from finger tip to finger tip across the back.
Measuring the reach in MMA is done by extending the arms fully and keeping them parallel to the floor, measuring from finger tip to finger tip across the back.
2 ways to measure reach. Reach has been measured from fingertip to fingertip. HBO measures reach on the boxer's lead arm from tip of knuckle to armpit.
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Video Transcript. In this clip I will show you how a boxer's reach is measured. OK, measuring a fighters reach. There's two ways of measuring a reach. It's like ...
A boxers reach is measured from body end of his arm (basically his shoulder) to the end of his fully extended fist. This is the boxers 'reach' that you see them ...
To measure your arm reach, you need a tape measure. The procedure is that you go towards a wall and elongate one of your arms out in front of you and keep your ...
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