How To Measure A Hip Roof?


The easiest way to measure a hip roof is to just take measurements and put them into an online calculator. You will need the measurements from each face of the hip roof. The measurements for the bottom edges and top edges also need to be made. You will also need the measurement for the top edge to the bottom edge, including the ridge. All of these measurements must be formulated together to make an average for the proper calculation of the hip roof area.
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1. Set up a ladder to allow access to the roof, making sure that the feet of the ladder are resting on firm ground and the angle of the ladder to the roof is no less than 35 degrees
length x slope x 2.
To measure your hips, you will need a tape measure. Simply wrap the tape measure around your hips until it circles your body. This is your hip measurement.
1. Measure the length of your common rafters, hip rafters and ridge beam allowing room at the end of the common rafters and hip rafters for the ridge beam to fit. Common rafters are
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How to Measure for Hip Roofing
Hip roofs differ from standard peak roofs in that they have four sides, or faces, covered with roofing material. When planning to cover the hip roof with shingles, it is important to understand how to measure hip roofing to make sure you purchase enough... More »
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To cut a hip roof, you must first measure it to identify the pieces you want off. You should cut the pieces cautiously as a hip roof adds to the architectural ...
You start by measuring the length of your ridge board. Cut the common rafters the same as you would for a gable roof. Nail a common rafter to one side of the ridge ...
You can take courses in architecture in order to calculate hip roof trusses. You can also get it done by experienced architect. Finally, you could use a roof framing ...
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